Experience the authentic American dining experience at Smokey Joe’s diner. You can enjoy a traditional style of cooking that has its roots in the US, handmade fresh from scratch here at The Boileroom.

“Smokey Joe is all about flavour, freshness and simplicity done right! We’ve crafted a traditional American BBQ menu and brought it bang up to date. We’re proud that we make all our menu, fresh and onsite – only the finest ingredients make the cut when it comes to Smokey Joe. We are an independent take-away/delivery restaurant that have brought our love for Southern American BBQ to Surrey.”

Vegans, vegetarians. carnivores and pescetarians alike will find something deliciously decadent to chow down on! Pick up a menu from the bar and place your order.


TUESDAY 5pm – 10pm

WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY 12pm – 3pm & 5pm – 10pm

SATURDAY 12pm – 10pm



Trash Canteen Community Kitchen is the latest community initiative from The Boileroom; with funding from Community Foundation for Surrey.

Utilising surplus food from our partners Waitrose and FairShare; fresh produce donated from allotment patches, and culinary know-how from Smokey Joe’s, we will be serving up delicious, healthy, pay-what- you-feel meals (or food stamps) every day of the week to the hungry masses. Pick up a dish in the safe, green surrounds of our community garden.

What is Waste Food?

Waste food is a term which describes “any removal of food from the food supply chain which is or was at some point fit for human consumption, or which has spoiled or expired, mainly caused by economic behaviour, poor stock management or neglect.”

In laymen’s terms – foodstuff; which was edible but has gone to waste; thrown away or discarded unnecessarily.

This can happen in many different ways – the way the food is processed in a factory; or in retail in supermarkets and grocery stores when food has passed its sell by or best before date. Different companies have different policies to manage their food waste; and national campaigns like Love Food Hate Waste strive to raise awareness about food waste on domestic and commercial levels. View their website here: www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/why-save- food

Find out what our dish of the day is by following us on Instagram @trashcanteen



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