The Boileroom presents:

Guildford SOUP

The BOILEROOM, Guildford, GB

£Donations Welcome
Entry Requirements: AA

Based at The Boileroom music and arts venue, Guildford Soup is a volunteer effort and exercise in community, food, creativity and good times. We are creating new opportunities and lasting cultural exchange with our locality.

Doors are at 6pm, with the event starting at 6.30pm.

Come along and find out more about the groups that will be pitching, what their projects and ideas are about, and to cast your vote and make a positive impact on the local community.

Pitching at this month's SOUP:

Community Angels A new community project from the Guildford Street Angels organised by Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy; befriending vulnerable adults in Guildford.

Roots for the Future Our mission is to engage communities in tree planting to cultivate a lasting legacy of environmental sustainability.

We envisage a future where communities are inspired to implement natural solutions to climate change.

We believe community activities, like Roots for the Future’s are at the root of curbing the global issue of climate change.

Tourettes Action Tourettes action have a wonderful support group that is held regularly in Guildford. The group meets on a monthly basis and offers help and support to families. Families with Tourettes Syndrome can lead to a very isolated life. Having an amount of money, however small, will enable the group to go out for an activity day or outing.

The Halow Project The halow project is dedicated to creating opportunities and supporting young people aged 16-35 with a learning disability so that they are able to live independent, meaningful, fulfilled lives and become more involved in their local community.

We are a growing organisation, based in Guildford, Surrey and we are passionate the young people we support have the right to the same life experiences and chances as any other young person.

HOW SOUP WORKS: Guildford SOUP is a community-focused and led creative, grassroots crowd-funding project. Ever had an idea, project, or start-up that will benefit the community? Have you struggled to get funding or get the project started? This is the place for you!

There is a discretionary donation at the door of SOUP, which goes into a prize draw that one of the pitches wins at the end of SOUP.

3/4 applicants will be chosen to present to the audience for five minutes, about their project, what the problem is that they are trying to solve, and how they would solve it with the prize money. Each presenter can also answer questions from the audience. Each audience member then casts a vote for their favourite project, whilst enjoying some live music and some SOUP and other refreshments. The votes are counted, and the pitch with the most votes wins the cash.

If you'd like to put forward a proposal, fill in the application form via our website here:

Or email to be sent a form (large formats available).

SOUP is a volunteer effort, so we do need volunteers to help out on the day, and people to help make the lovely SOUP. Feel free to bring family and friends, and anything you would like to eat or share in addition to the SOUP.