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Blackwaters are a fourpiece from the depths of nothingness. And yet
despite their murky background, they've turned aggro, pent-up
frustration and total utter boredom into rampant, shouty, spit-fuelled,
BO-inducing, agitated punk rock 'n' roll. Why? Because there's fuck
all else to do around here. Guitarist David is the alleged “Baby
Spice” of the group, which means he's the one with all the Instagram
followers. Ollie – long-haired – plays bass, and barely speaks. Max
immediately has an air of geezer – think Moff from Human Traffic.
“I'm from Essex unfortunately,” he says. Their first big single 'So
Far Out' was written on this sofa. “It was for some coursework I had
to do,” says Ollie. Now at the collective age of 18, the lads are
finishing up their final year at music college in Guildford – they fast-
tracked it. Like most students, they're last-minute crammers. Which
means that 'So Far Out' was written the day before Ollie''s hand-in.
“It's a feisty song!” says Max.

The energy of the song is ten-fold when they play it live.
BlackWaters are a statement band, but they're not overtly political in
their lyrics. Rather they'd like to be subversive by allowing their
peers to break free and channel all their rage and apathy into their
fire-starting anthems. Max explains. 'So Far Out' is about how
restricted we are when it comes to having a say in things. We can't
control anything that happens outside our friendship group really.
No one can.” David chimes in. “We're in a boring as fuck town.
That's our generation. There's no inspiration, we've got no platform
to say anything on. Our age restricts what we can and can't do. If I
was born a few days later I'd be able to vote on a decision that will
change my life. I'm talking about the Brexit by the way…”
'So Far Out' was produced by Carl Barat [The Libertines] and
written almost as a reaction to Brexit, a decision that will impact the
lives of these four lads long after their ancestors are gone.“The
general message is: Fuck it all!” laughs Max. “Just go and have a
good time and write some awesome tunes.” Via their first song
'Jarred-Up Generation' the foursome built a solid reputation

as the band in Guilford. “We owe a lot to Guildford,” says Max.
They've played every pub, every house party. “We've played for a
lot of old dancing men, we had to do that. There are a helluva lot of
bands here but we''re the only ones who have generated a scene and
have a message.” Outside of Guildford, too, there are too many indie
landfill bands with zero purpose. BlackWaters can't help but have
“flourishes” of politics in everything they do – it's just how they feel
every day. The music goes beyond radio and magazines. It's about
community, blurring the lines between crowd and band. They love
getting people up onstage. “No barrier!” says Max.

“We've been sitting in this living room for two years,” says Max.
“With very minimal money. We wanna do the band so that means
we can't get proper jobs. There's not a lot to do in Guilford. It's time
to escape monotony. We're gonna get out.”


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