Live Art Performance with Illuminated Loops March 6, 2017

Image may contain: 1 person, guitar

On Monday 27th March, join us for an extraordinary live art performance by the UK’s leading solo bass guitarist, Steve Lawson and acclaimed synaesthetic visual artist Poppy Porter. Poppy, who is part of our Originate Studios here at The Boileroom, has synaesthesia which gives her a visual response to sound, especially music.

As Steve plays, building a glorious, layered, soundscape, Poppy responds through large scale drawings of what she “sees” synaesthetically (shape, colour, movement). Steve then uses the fresh drawings as a visual score, and improvises further. A feedback loop is created between the two of them, and the sound builds the drawing, and the drawing influences the music. Although music and visual art are diverse disciplines, there is a meeting of minds that pushes beyond the physical object or sonic creation, and gives rise to a visual, musical, aural and performance artwork. The resulting blend of electronica, ambient, post-rock & experimental music with the evolving, beguiling visual landscape of Poppy’s art is unique to every performance, and not to be missed.

You can grab tickets for just £6 in advance over on–the-boileroom