Illuminated Loops @ The BOILEROOM, Guildford, United Kingdom

The Boileroom presents:

Illuminated Loops

The BOILEROOM, Guildford, United Kingdom

Monday 27 March  7:00 PM   Room: Main Room
£6adv.   Entry Requirements: All Ages
Entry Requirements: All Ages
General Admission (e-ticket)
$8.25 (+$1.38 S/C)
Entry Requirements: All Ages

An extraordinary live art performance by the UK’s leading solo bass guitarist, Steve Lawson and acclaimed synaesthetic visual artist Poppy Porter. Poppy's synaesthesia gives her a visual response to sound, especially music. As Steve plays, building a glorious, layered, soundscape, Poppy responds through large scale drawings of what she “sees” synaesthetically (shape, colour, movement). Steve then uses the fresh drawings as a visual score and improvises further. A feedback loop is created between them the sound building the drawing and the drawing influencing the music. Although music and visual art are diverse disciplines there is a meeting of minds that pushes beyond the physical object or sonic creation and gives rise to a visual, musical, aural and performance artwork. The resulting blend of electronica, ambient, post-rock & experimental music with the evolving, beguiling visual landscape of Poppy’s art is unique to every performance, and not to be missed!