Evil Genius Records Presents presents:

Tony Humphries

+ Woddy Green + Empra + Tohm Napier + Naked Aces + Rarekind + The Amazing Majimojo

The BOILEROOM, Guildford, United Kingdom

Friday 28 April  7:30 PM   Room: Main Room
6   Entry Requirements: 18+
Entry Requirements: 18+
General Admission (e-ticket)
$8.46 (+$1.41 S/C)
Entry Requirements: 18+

Tony Humphries

The former Nylon Sky front man is already making his mark on the music world; He has featured live on BBC Introducing with his songs ‘Life Is Changing Me’ and 'Change for Yourself'. The latter was also chosen for their “Pick of the Year” show. Tony has also been invited to local radio station Eagle to promote his forthcoming debut album.

His live shows are both contagious and mesmerising, drawing in audiences of all musical tastes whilst providing a high-energy performance. Tony’s free-rhythmic style, personal back-story lyrics and emotive vocal delivery are captivating and real. Bringing it all to
the stage for the first time in his home town as a solo artist in a show critics are already calling the greatest night of everybody’s life, ever... ever?

Instagram - @tonyhumphriesmusic

Facebook- facebook.com/tonyhumphriesmusic

Woddy Green

Woddy Green is an artist, producer and member of the hip-hop collective Roots|Raddix.

Woddy’s music is both captivating and complex. His accent swings from London to Manchester with twinges of a more worldly sound, from the US to the Caribbean
sprinkled in for good measure, making for a fascinating listen.

Woddy released his first mixtape ‘Taped in Green’ in 2016. He is currently working on his Debut project to be released later this year.

Check out his music:



Empra is a grime artist/producer/DJ from Surrey. He recently signed to Slimzos Recordings and has been performing with the label at live shows ever since. Producing tracks for the likes of Elf Kid and ygg, as well as being heard on Rinse FM, Mode FM,

Radar Radio, BBC plus more. 2017 is looking to be a big year for Empra and being chosen as the spotlight artist on BBC Asian Network with his 'Badboy' instrumental goes to show he is not just making noise on home soil.

Soundcloud - https://m.soundcloud.com/empra-grime-beatz

Twitter - @empraproducer

Tohm Napier

26 year old singer/songwriter and front man of the UK rock band Light You Up brings an ambient atmosphere with his solo venture. After the success of Light You Up’s debut album in 2015 and selling out venues across the UK and Europe, Tohm took some time out to begin writing the band’s sophomore release. They are currently in the process of recording their highly anticipated second album, scheduled for release mid 2017.

Instagram - @Tohm_napes
Facebook - facebook.com/lightyouupofficial

Naked Aces

On a dark winter night four rats emerged from the sewer. After drinking the leftover cider out of a discarded can, they were transformed into the dirtiest metal band this century had discovered.

Combining the modern epic guitar styling of Tommy V with the old school vocals of Metal Joe, inserting the grooviest bass J. Money could muster and the tightest goram drumming of T-Bigg, they set out to cause as much havoc as this world has ever seen.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NkdAces/


Rarekind is a DJ, radio host and MC based in Surrey. Known for his exciting live shows featuring guest DJs and MCs, as well as his presence on radio stations such as Rinse FM, Radar Radio and Flex FM. Rarekind is also keeping the people locked in with his show on Mode FM, bringing fresh new grime to the airwaves every other Sunday from 11pm.

Twitter & Instagram - @rarexkind

Special Guest – The Amazing Majimojo

Aged 5, Majimojo was sent to a reform school for badly behaved boys in Czechoslovakia. Cruel and unnecessary experiments were performed on him by his tormenter and teacher, Dr. Chvátal. Over the years he developed an acute case of Stockholm syndrome and was devastated when Dr. Chvátal died in a freak autoerotic asphyxiation accident.

Many years later Majimojo built up his reputation as a talented street performer. He boasted imaginative and impressive abilities as a close magician and wowed crowdswith his daring fire eating skills. His fame would not last long though, people grew tired of his dated act and he descended into a life of crime and substance abuse.

Eventually he found work at The Mango Anytime, a seedy strip joint in Bangkok. It was here our hero’s fortunes would change... Majimojo was bequeathed the club and a
considerable fortune after its previous owner died in a bizarre and mysterious gardening accident. No one would ever find out exactly what happened to Mr Mango,
only a calling card was found next to his decapitated body. The card simply read “Now that’s magic...”