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Launching June 2017

Trash Canteen Community Kitchen & Garden is the latest community initiative from The Boileroom.

Utilising surplus food from our partners Waitrose, fresh produce from our allotment patches, and culinary know-how from Smokey Joe’s, we will be serving up delicious, healthy, pay-what- you-feel meals (or food stamps) every day of the week to those in need in the safe, green surrounds of our community garden space; using 100% biodegradable cutlery.

What is Waste Food?

Waste food is a term which describes “any removal of food from the food supply chain which is or was at some point fit for human consumption, or which has spoiled or expired, mainly caused by economic behaviour, poor stock management or neglect.”

In laymen’s terms – foodstuff; which was edible but has gone to waste; thrown away or discarded unnecessarily.

This can happen in many different ways – the way the food is processed in a factory; or in retail in supermarkets and grocery stores when food has passed its sell by or best before date. Different companies have different policies to manage their food waste; and national campaigns like Love Food Hate Waste strive to raise awareness about food waste on domestic and commercial levels. View their website here: food

Why is this project needed in Guildford?

In 2015 UK households created approximately £13bn of waste food. We believe it’s important to look after the environment for future generations; and putting food waste to good use is one way of safeguarding that.

There are three food banks in Guildford alone. North Guildford Food Banks noticed in 2015 a 12.5% increase in the use of foodstamps received across their three branches in Park Barn, Bushy Hill, and Merrow. They provided provisions for 1300 people; half of whom were children. The four main reasons for referrals were low income, benefit delay or cuts to benefits, and debt. We believe that tackling the issue of food waste is also a way to combat the need for affordable, healthy food available, served without judgement. Training Schemes and Workshops We will also be offering training opportunities within the kitchen itself; teaching basic skills to those looking for a career in catering, or gaining new skills to get back into the workplace.

We will be creating an inclusive, green, safe space for local residents and community groups to utilise: learn new skills, socialise, and encourage growth in the local community.

Stay tuned for our series of workshops over Spring and Summer that focus on wellness, from cooking workshops, yoga sessions, produce swaps, to community supper clubs and fundraisers for other projects in the local area. At its heart the garden will provide a safe space for people to relax, be creative and social.

Get Involved

We are looking for volunteers to join our core team of movers and shakers to help us get the initial plan off the ground. All ages and abilities are welcome!

For more information, drop an email to find out more about placements; volunteering opportunities and workshop programmes.

Thank you to our funders Community Foundation for Surrey