#ATS17 Spotlight: Tim BucklerApril 3, 2017

Timothy Buckler

Tim Buckler is a local Guildford writer and comedian, who will be performing at Always The Sun Festival 2017 at our theatre and comedy tent, All The World’s A Stage. Tim’s first performance was here at The Boileroom, and also performed at last year’s festival. This year Tim will be performing The History of Superheros (Issue One), which is a is a comedy lecture on the History of Superheros, believe it or not. We caught up with him to find out more…

How did you get into comedy?

Tim: [It] runs in the family. My brother has been a comedian for many years and is one of the funniest men I know. Watching him and others perform live, and generate a feeling of joy and happiness in a room is something I have wanted to have a go at for many moons now, so a couple of years ago I started working on my own show.

Who are your favourite comedians and what’s your favourite comedy style?

T: Danny Buckler, and I’m not just saying that because he is my brother. He is a brilliant story teller and that is my favourite style of comedy. It is probably why I prefer American comedians such as Joe Rogan, Bill Burr and Duncan Trussell. My show is nothing like that! Both in terms of mentality, experience and intention. My show is basically a glorified Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, but an entertaining one. I am not going to try and sell you Herbalife or anything like that at the end.

What inspires you when you write your stand up pieces?

T: I love writing about pop-culture and have done for many years for various websites and things. The lecture format is the easiest way to transition my writing style on to the stage. I have spent my entire life shouting and screaming about DC, Marvel and other non-important fantasy affairs, and my inspiration is to just let it flow. The trick is making it funny, so people will want to listen to my geeky rants.

How was Always The Sun Festival last year?

T: Brilliant. Good fun, and this year I think I have grown as both a writer and performer. I do feel bad for swearing in front of a kid though. Try to keep the language down this year.

What are you looking forward to most about ATS 2017?

T: Having a potter about, [and the] really interesting stalls and performances to discover. There was also a boat in a dance tent last year, which was a bit exciting. 


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Brownies, Burgers & Fries with Smokey Joe’s @ The Boileroom! 😍🍔🍟🎶March 22, 2017


Taking over The Boileroom’s in house kitchen from Sunday May 2nd will be the incredible food genius of Smokey Joe.

Known for bringing the taste of America to the heart of Guildford, Joe and his team will be bringing mouth watering hand crafted burgers and dogs, loaded and gooey fries, scrumptious out of this world brownies, and so much more right here at The Boileroom.

With a range of options for vegans, veggies, omnivores, carnivores and pescetarians – you’ll be able to dig in either in the comfort of the venue, al fresco in our garden, or even order online or over the phone!

The Boileroom @ The Mayor’s Variety ShowMarch 14, 2017


The Boileroom attended The Mayor’s Variety Show on Sunday, which featured an afternoon of fabulous variety in the presence of the Mayor of Guildford.

The evening included performances from Guildford School of Acting, Guildford Shakespeare Company, and Man In The Moon; raising funds for the Mayor’s chosen charities including the Surrey Hills Trust Fund and the Mayor of Guildford’s Local Distress Fund. We also wished a very happy 100th birthday to Honorary Freeman Bill Bellerby MBE; who has championed the creative culture of Guildford throughout the years.

Playing on behalf of The Boileroom was The Project member Joss Malcomson who said “The gig was great! There was a lovely atmosphere. I played my original song ‘Crazy’ because it means a lot to me on a personal level.”

Listen to Joss Malcomson’s music on Souncloud here.


The Project is our youth music programme, creating opportunities for young, emerging artists to perform, and provide support and guidance on their journey as musicians. Join our Facebook Group here to find out more.


Live Art Performance with Illuminated LoopsMarch 6, 2017

Image may contain: 1 person, guitar

On Monday 27th March, join us for an extraordinary live art performance by the UK’s leading solo bass guitarist, Steve Lawson and acclaimed synaesthetic visual artist Poppy Porter. Poppy, who is part of our Originate Studios here at The Boileroom, has synaesthesia which gives her a visual response to sound, especially music.

As Steve plays, building a glorious, layered, soundscape, Poppy responds through large scale drawings of what she “sees” synaesthetically (shape, colour, movement). Steve then uses the fresh drawings as a visual score, and improvises further. A feedback loop is created between the two of them, and the sound builds the drawing, and the drawing influences the music. Although music and visual art are diverse disciplines, there is a meeting of minds that pushes beyond the physical object or sonic creation, and gives rise to a visual, musical, aural and performance artwork. The resulting blend of electronica, ambient, post-rock & experimental music with the evolving, beguiling visual landscape of Poppy’s art is unique to every performance, and not to be missed.

You can grab tickets for just £6 in advance over on–the-boileroom

Happy Café Returns: Rhythm of Life Community Choir & CraftsMarch 5, 2017

happy cafe 3

Guildford’s Happy Café returns for it’s third instalment this April! With more activities reflecting Guildford’s vibrant creative spirit.
A Happy Café is a friendly and welcoming place to meet other people with a shared interest in promoting happiness and wellbeing.
The Rhythm of Life Community Choir will be performing two sets throughout the day of contemporary songs and traditional hymns. 
Local artist Tracey-Lee Scully will also be hosting a weaving workshop; teaching the basics of weaving. 
There will also be a knitters’ corner for all ages and abilities to get stuck into. 
If you wish to bring along books and text that promote happiness and wellbeing, or dry drawing materials and paper – please bring them along as we aim to make the Happy Café a relaxed and welcoming community space!