December 2016

Boileroom Staff End of 2016 Lists!December 30, 2016

We can all agree that 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year, right? Well as the year draws to a close, we at The Boileroom have decided to reflect on the year’s musical happenings by picking our favourites of the year (as well as the worst thing about 2016). Take a read below…


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Boileroom Show: Band of Skulls

Other Show: Extreme Chill 2016 Undir Jökli (Under the Glacier) in Vík Í Mýrdal

Single: Nobody Speak- DJ Shadow, Run the Jewels and Alpha Female – Wild Beasts

Album: Utopia Defeated – D.D Dumbo

New Music Discovery: Mammút – Salt

Best thing about 2016: ATS of course! and being included in the Indie50 list was pretty cool.

Worst thing about 2016: Nothing was the worst or bad… always learning and growing from the challenges the universe gives me!



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Boileroom Show: The Graveltones, an hour and a half of murky blues rock riffs. The best show I have seen at the Boileroom. Ever! Lovely guys as well!

Other Show: Cult of Luna and Bossk at the Islington Assembly Hall in April. Absolute shock and awe on the senses! My number one gig of all time. Progressive metal does not get much better.

Single: Crystal Castles – Concrete

Album: Bossk – Audio Noir

New Music Discovery: Karnivool. They’ve been around for ages, I have seen them live twice, but only this year managed to get into their music. I have wasted my life!

Best thing about 2016: Putting on Always the Sun. Almost killed us, but we did it and it was awesome! Roll on 2017!

Worst thing about 2016: Nigel Farage or sitting next to Duncan Smith in the office… hrmmm



Boileroom Show: Death By Unga Bunga. Norwegian garage rock ft. Three guitars, Thin Lizzy riffs played behind heads, crowd bothering frontmen, lots of moustaches and lots of denim.

Other Show: Bangers at The Lexington. Last and most fun show from punk rocks best kept and most handsome secret.

Single: Sincere by Doe. Powerful and catchy indie rock from probably the best band in the UK. Like Sleater-Kinney meets Weezer with a bucketful of harmonies and some wicked smart dual vocals.

Album: Higher Power by The Dirty Nil. 90s nostalgia, blasting hardcore and bubblegum blowing pop all within 11 songs, 26 minutes. Also song title of the year with Wrestle Yu To Husker Du. Also they’re Canadian.

New Music Discovery: Crying who smash up video game synths, convulsing guitars and pop melodies. Like Van Halen plays The Go! Team and The Locust at Sonic The Hedgehog on Sega Megadrive.

Best thing about 2016: Putting on a festival with so many pals! That or growing a moustache. Tough choice.

Worst thing about 2016: Apart from the obvious, Southern Rail have been pretty bad.



Boileroom Show: Weaves on 4th July, new favourite band this year, such a tight live show; Jasmyn Burke’s voice is incredible! We’ve had a lot of great Canadian acts through this year (DJ Format, Besnard Lakes, No Joy); but these guys won it for me.

Other Show: Ty Segall & The Muggers at The Forum back in June was a low-fi delight. Running through latest album Emotional Mugger and splicing in some of the extensive back-catalogue; it was a real treat. This show happened the day the EU referendum votes came out; it heartened me to think a country of extremes (conservatism, liberalism) like America could still produce a bunch of creative, loveable freaks like these!

Single: Prince Rama banger Now Is The Time of Emotion, kick-started 2016 for me. Taken from their debut album Xtreme Now released on Car Park records. Apparently the concept of the album came about from that time in 2012 when the sisters were living in a black metal commune on an island off Estonia; like you do. I love the 80s synth-pop futurism of this track.

Album: Would be Animal Collective’s Painting With released back in February on Domino. Floridada is a solid, straight-up banger. Coming out a bit slicker than previous release Centipede Hz; but still with those psychedelic synth sounds.

New Music Discovery: Tacocat. And their album NVM in particular. Awesome lo-fi pop-punk vibes from Seattle quartet; whose song inspiration ranges from the Turn of the Crimson Tide (as I like to call it), psychedelic Quincianera’s, to Dana Scully. Dream combo. As discovered from an article our press intern Jasleen wrote for Upset magazine.

Best thing about 2016: Putting on Always The Sun Festival with a bunch of pals, of course.

Worst thing about 2016: Litter-picking on the hottest day of the year after Always The Sun Festival *crying face emoji*
















Boileroom Show: The Lounge Kittens 12th October. This show was SO much fun. TLK are so charismatic, had killer style and made everyone smile too. Highlights included covering SOAD, Slipknot, Rammestien (their German was amazing!), their pop punk melody and Sean Paul melody (the rapping was on point too). Not to mention their cover of Jump Around which was constructed entirely a capella using a loop keyboard.

Other Show: Allusondrugs and Fizzy Blood at Kingston’s Fighting Cocks. My two favourite “local” bands in the entire world went on tour again together and it was so magical. I might have been the only person there who knew all the words to all the songs, but it was so worth it. Ultimate fangirl moment fuelled by dutch courage chatting to them after. Was well worth multiple late night train journeys and bursting for the loo when everywhere was closed. Unforgettable.

Single: Greedy by Ariana Grande. I don’t need to justify my choice for this song, but I listened to it for a few hours on repeat when I discovered it.

Album: Lost Time by Tacocat! What an album. It’s so much fun, but touches upon some serious topics at the same time, whilst not being too serious. So much fun and can be appreciated by punk and pop fans alike.

New Music Discovery: Deftones. Don’t judge me. Had only heard ‘Swerve City’ before discovering the masterpieces that are their first two albums. Now I’m hooked. Also all the memes of We Are Number One from Lazy Town, and the Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. Memes Cover.

Best thing about 2016: Interviewing Joel Madden from Good Charlotte was pretty cool. Finally seeing one of my favourite bands of all time Garbage was incredible to say the least too.

Worst thing about 2016: Cleaning up after Always The Sun was pretty grim!



The Bulletproof Bomb 08.12.16December 14, 2016

Geek Out at The Boileroom’s New Retro Gamers Lounge!December 12, 2016

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Last weekend we celebrated the launch of our first ever Gamers Lounge!

At The Boileroom’s Gamers Lounge you can delve into nostalgia and play games systems from the 90s including: Nintendo 64, SEGA Mega Drive, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and Super Nintendo (SNES). The Gamers Lounge is a great way to come and meet like minded people, and is open to all ages.

2016-12-10 13.03.17

The Gamers Lounge is open on Saturdays once a month from 12pm – 4pm, and entry is a £5 donation, which goes towards getting more retro games for each club.

Our next Gamers Lounge event takes place on January 14th 2017. Like our Boileroom Gamers Lounge Facebook page to keep updated on our future events:

Rock For Refugees: The Rave Takeover!December 8, 2016


Migrant and refugee support group Guildford People To People, and fundraising music night in aid of the refugee crisis Rock 4 Refugees, are back with another fundraising party here at The Boileroom.

“There is such great need for migrants and refugees across Europe who are living in sub-human conditions, and there is such eagerness across the UK to respond to what has become a chronic humanitarian crisis. Guildford People To People coordinate the response from Guildford and the surrounding area and make sure that donations and funds raised are sent directly to the people working on the ground to make the Calais ‘jungle’ and other camps across Europe a safer and more humane place to live. We will be in continuous contact with charities working in Calais and across Europe and make sure that our help gets to where it is most needed.” – Guildford People To People.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, the next Rock 4 Refugees gig takes place on February 4th 2017. The team have carefully selected DJs who are also passionate about the refugee crisis cause: Tiddles B2B Geeze, Dutti B, Cassi, Miss Monument, Gizelle Rebel Yelle and Rackitt, covering reggae, ska, punk, breakbeat, acid house, techno – and most importantly fun!

To ensure your entry to this fantastic and sure to be unforgettable night all for a fantastic cause – grab your limited early bird tickets which are on sale now for £5:

All profits will be going to Refugee Community Kitchen who have been working relentlessly, despite everything and anything to bring hope to those who have none, light to those in the dark, and feeding more than the five thousand from nothing short of a miracle. Throughout recent devastating and dramatic events in the Calais jungle, RCK and other charities have worked together and continued to help those in need as best they can. They need your help!

Join their Facebook group for regular communication and photos of all the good work RCK are doing, what they need, and how you can get involved:

Guildford People To People and Rock 4 Refugees are grateful for all the contributions for the last two events. Lets come together again and dance our socks off for those in need!


❆ The Boileroom Christmas Events! ❆December 5, 2016

Get into the festive spirit with some of our favourite local promoters: M.R Event Group, Progressive Promotions, and Thank Rock It’s Christmas. Get warmed up with a glass of mulled apple juice from the bar for £2 – or add a shot of spiced rum for added merry-making.


M.R‘s aim is to bring grime, bass, UK garage and other EDM and hip-hop genres to the local area of Guildford, as well as supporting local talent. Expect everything from dream pop to soul, and R&B to grime at their Christmas Party this Friday!

Line up: Zaria Aaliyah + Ray Willis + Lupo + B2B: Palf & Nadine + Gry Official + Mortiz Mello

Tickets available here:



Guildford’s premier prog tastemakers Progressive Promotions are back with their Christmas show. Expect odd time signatures and epic guitar solos; plus a very special performance from everyone’s favourite conceptual post-metal band, Flesh Trench.

Line up: Toska + Throatpunch City + Trigger Thumb

Tickets available here: 



Join Thank Rock It’s Christmas once more for an evening filled with music and cheer. Throwback to the 80s, 90s and 00s with cover sets from some of our most loved local bands. All profits will be donated to Crohns and Colitis UK.

Line up: Darko + No Consequence + Tree House Fire + I See Shapes

Tickets available here:











At Craft Club‘s December edition, bring in your bare-naked presents, and take them home looking one-of-a-kind! Craft Club is suitable for the craftiest of artists, as well as absolute beginners.

Find out more about Craft Club, and join our open FB Group page here:

Craft Club is free entry, but donations for materials are greatly appreciated and accepted!