August 2015

The Practitioners – Creative CollectiveAugust 19, 2015

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We’ve joined forces with local creative entrepreneur Libby Hobbs AKA &Hobbs to launch The Practitioners – Creative Collective. A supportive networking group for creative start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and practitioners to share tips, discuss ideas, collaborate, and innovate! Come down for our first meet-up session Thursday 3rd September from 7pm.

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“My aim for this collective is to create a community within the Guildford area which enables creative individuals to share their experiences and their practice. For individuals that have made the decision for their innovative ideas to be what they spend their days doing.

Whether it be a printer, a painter, a knitter or a freelance writer, to enable us all to connect and share our ideas. A network to support one another, when running your own business or working as an individual gets tough (and boy there are days that it does), and even more so when you triumph!

When I first began working alone in January, I was so fired with a million ideas and potential avenues that I wished to take this brand, I was trying to solve every bump in the road my self, trying to do it all as well as appear solid. It didn’t work, my confidence began to sink when I realised I couldn’t achieve the never ending list I set my self, and in such a short amount of time.

I was craving the company of other creatives, desperately needing to share my ideas and designs. Feeling that I needed other minds to bounce off and to tell me, ‘that will do libby’.

As a creative, my mind flows in many direction in various speeds. When working for Anthropologie as a member of their visual team, we would chat for various mounts of time, brainstorming ideas . The conversations could be just as productive when only lasting ten minuets as the ones that went on for hours. One idea lead to another, which then sparked a light bulb moment for another member of the team. It was such a valuable and invigorating experience. This was where I felt my most comfortable and confident.

This is what I needed to create whilst working as an individual.

Due to the lack of this creative fix I gained from my time working closely with others I began feeling that my creativity was fading.

As I discussed in ’Community Matters’ this is where I then began to lean on my creative community through social media, which lead me to meet incredible creatives in the flesh.

Already in talks of big ideas with The Boileroom to create a creative organisation in guildford, this experience then fuelled me to make it succeed.

  So, here we are. The Practitioners. A creative collective, that aim to inspire, innovate and support.

If you are in the guildford area and would like to get involved please email me at and share this with other designers that you know.

Our first meeting is on the 3rd of September 7-9pm. Our Venue is the ever inspiring The Boileroom. 13 STOKE FIELDS GUILDFORD GU1 4LS. Where will can grab a beverage, maybe even have a nibble to eat and chat through what, who and where we are all aiming to be.

I can not wait!

Come join the collective.”

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Punk Rock YogaAugust 18, 2015

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A new weekly class every Saturday from the 5th September courtesy of Bad JuJu. We caught up with Yoga Practitioner Jo to find all about the ins and outs of Punk Rock Yoga.

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1. What is Punk Rock Yoga?
In a nutshell, yoga to punk rock or alternative music. Although, like yoga, Punk Rock Yoga is more than just the asanas (poses/postures) it’s a lifestyle choice. I think the best way to describe it is through the following quote by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl, author of Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto:

“Punk Rock Yoga challenges stereotypes. It confronts the notion that punks are angry miscreants and that yogis are hippie contortionists… in a broader sense—the philosophy really is DIY or Do It Yourself yoga…The lesson of DIY is a lesson in self-reliance; the lesson of yoga is a lesson in self-teaching. Both the DIY credo and the teachings of yoga show people how to make their own way and take responsibility for their own lives.”

A lot of people see the combination of punk rock and yoga as polar opposites, but the way I like to see it is that they also work like Yin and Yang, balancing each other out.

2, What type of yoga do you teach to punk?
I teach Dru Yoga, it has its roots in hatha yoga and includes the flowing of movements through asanas, pranayama (the science of breath), mudras (hand genstures), sequences, positive affirmations and empowering visualisations. It works on body, mind and spirit to improve strength and flexibility, creating core stability and works to build a heightened feeling of positivity.

3. How did you get into PRY?
I discovered ​​Punk Rock Yoga about a year ago at the OM Yoga show in London. I was helping out at the Dru Yoga stand and decided to have a wonder around the show before heading home. I came across the Punk Rock Yoga stand and there I met the ‘Stage Diving Yogi’ who introduced me to Kimberlee Jensen Stedl’s book Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto and upon reading the first few pages, I was hooked!

In Dru Yoga we are encouraged to use music throughout the class, from warm-ups to relaxation. I feel most at home with punk and melodic hardcore so started to incorporate that into my yoga. Music and yoga are such a big part of my life and it is great to bring them together and use the music to hold a pose or work through the flowing motions of a sequence.

4. What are the benefits of PRY?
As mentioned above, the asanas are just one small part of yoga. Yoga has benefits on a physical, emotional and mental level. The class is quite dynamic, so we either move through the asanas in time with the music, or use the music to hold the asanas. Always working with the breath and visualisations along the way. You can find some more specific benefits of yoga for a punk on my blog >

5. Who is this class suited for?
This class is particularly good for those who enjoy alternative music and want a dynamic class where they can build strength and flexibility. You don’t need to have practiced yoga before to participate in my class as I work through postures and sequences in stages so each student can work with what they most feel comfortable with.

6. Where can I find more info about PRY and your classes?
For more information visit

Head to our What’s On page for more information on timings and classes.